Backyard Pleasures offers a wide range of our own private label hot tub and pool chemicals covering all of your important maintenance needs.

For an in depth water analysis on your pool or hot tub, bring in a water sample for FREE testing. Results can be obtained within minutes or emailed to you for those busy bees out there.

We are the only company in Vernon to have Eco Certified pool and hot tub water care products.  Come down to our location to see our new line of eco-friendly products.

Founded in 1988 by the Government of Canada but now recognized world-wide, EcoLogoTM is North America’s largest, most respected environmental standard and certification mark. EcoLogo provides customers – public, corporate and consumer – with assurance that the products and services bearing the logo meet stringent standards of environmental leadership. With THOUSANDS of EcoLogo Certified products, EcoLogo certifies environmental leaders covering a large variety of categories, helping you find and trust the world’s most sustainable products.

At Backyard Pleasures we are pleased to introduce PharmaSpa!  We are the only pool and spa store in the North Okanagan to carry this line of products.  PharmaSpa is available in drug stores all across North America.  Click on either of the links above to check out the unique therapeutic ideas of PharmaSpa!


The JUSTFLO™ Dechlorinator Kit Model 681 attaches to the end of the backwash hose and removes chlorine from swimming pool discharges with the addition of a JUSTFLO™ Dechlorination Tablet or two.  The JUSTFLO™ Dechlorinator filters backwash water and comes with a bright yellow banner to indicate compliance to passerbys.

Many municipalities are banning chlorine from entering the storm sewer.  See how you can use the new JUSTFLO™ Dechlorinator to remove chlorine from your swimming pool waste water.  It’s easy: just add a JUSTFLO™ Dechlorination Tablet or two to the JUSTFLO™ Dechlorinator and connect the JUSTFLO™ Dechlorinator to the end of your backwash hose.   You can now backwash or drain your pool water onto the street (where permissible).  You can obey the new discharge laws, avoid fines and help the environment by using the NEW JUSTFLO™ Dechlorinator.

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