FYI and Safety

Safety is a very important part of Backyard Pleasures. Here are some tips and tricks to keep you and your family safe, clean and happy whether it be in your hot tub or pool.


Opening Your Pool!

At Backyard Pleasures we want your pool opening to be quick and trouble-free whether you’d like to tackle the job yourself or have us complete the opening for you. The instructions below is a method that will work for most pools to prevent the opening from becoming a tedious task.

  1. Remove pool cover and ice buffers (*see storage instructions below).
  2. Reconnect all chemical feeding equipment (if any) and piping.
  3. Fill pool to normal water level.
  4. Backwash and thoroughly clean filter, then put system into operation.
  5. After recirculating water for 24 hours, bring a water sample to Backyard Pleasures for a free thorough analysis.
  6. If necessary, adjust pool water pH to below 7.8.
  7. If necessary, balance pool water by adjusting total alkalinity and calcium hardness.
  8. Balance water and perform shock treatment if necessary.
  9. Allow water to recirculate through filter for 24 hours, then test for chlorine residual level. If below 1.0 ppm, shock water until a level of is attained. (A level of 30 ppm completely eliminates algae.)
  10. Allow water to recirculate continuously for the first week; backwash and clean filter as required.
  11. Allow chlorine reading to drop below 3.0ppm before using pool.

*Storage Instructions: To prevent mildew from forming on winter cover in storage, clean with Pool Protect Cover Cleaner and allow to dry throughly before storing for the summer.

Safety Turtle is a very effective “last line defence” to protect your children and pets from accidents around water hazards. They are simple and versatile. There is no installation in the pool required. The safety turtle can be taken anywhere such as the beach or to friends houses. The battery life of the Turtle will last at least three years even if used every day. The Turtle wristband locks securely with a key so a your child is not able to remove it. Rain or spray from a lawn sprinkler will not trigger the alarm so there is no confusion. Come to Backyard Pleasures today to ensure your child’s safety.

We are pleased to introduce life jackets from Texas Recreaction Super Soft. They are all US Coast Gaurd approved to keep your kids safe in the water. We’ve got your pets covered too! Complete with handles to lift your critter out of the water! Both are made of soft, vinyl-coated foam with adjustable straps for a snug fit. The material is very easy to clean. We also carry durable nylon vests for toddlers with a floating neck collar and easily adjustable straps.

Backyard Pool and Spa Safety Rules

Provided by Lifesaving Society, Canadian Red Cross, St. John Ambulance and the Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada
    • Stay within sight and reach of children in, on or near water at all times. Active adult supervision is the primary layer of safety.
    • Always watch children closely when they are playing with inflatable toys or swimming in life jackets as these do not replace active adult supervision for safety.
    • Encourage swimming lessons and first aid instruction for all family members or guardians.
    • Restrict access to your backyard pool or spa and ensure that the four-sided barrier conforms to local by-laws.
    • Refrain from propping gates open, or disabling alarms on doors that connect pools or spas.
    • Keep all chemical products away from children and other unauthorized individuals.
    • Encourage walking only around the poolside. Running is prohibited.
    • Always swim with a “buddy” or with an adult supervisor.
    • Do not swim or soak if you have been drinking alcohol.
    • Drain all backyard wading pools after every use.
    • Never dive into a spa, an above ground pool, or the shallow end of any pool. Always enter pools feet first.
    • Do not use slides on above ground pools.
    • Establish a set of pool rules and ensure that everyone using your pool follows them.
    • In the event of an emergency, call 9-1-1
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